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July 8, 1998 marked a momentous occasion for me ... the posting of my very first XF story! "What We've Become" has generated some wonderful response, and so I share it here with you along with some great XF links.

"What We've Become" is a sequel to "X-Files: Fight the Future".
It is a Mulder/Scully romance and is rated NC-17. If you are underage, please turn back now!

Read the review this story received at Ficworld: A Feast of Fanfic!
[I thought I'd lost this, but thanks to the Wayback Machine I was able to locate it!
It was just a blurb, but it made me squee! Also saved here for posterity.]

"What We've Become" by Becca O.

"Clean Break", written by QofMush, is (IMO) the perfect prequel for "What We've Become". This story is told from Mulder's POV, and takes place on the park bench just prior to Scully's arrival. I highly recommend you read this before reading "What We've Become".

"Clean Break" by QofMush

"Nightmare In 42" is an episode addition (PG-13) to "Dreamland 1 & 2". I felt the need to tie up a few loose ends!

"Nightmare in 42" by Becca O.

"First Base" was inspired by posted spoilers to the episode "The Unnatural" (May '99), written and directed by David Duchovny. I wrote this before the episode actually aired.

"First Base"  by Becca O.

Other MSR & XF Links

[missing link, check back!] Dasha K.'s Guide for Beta Readers/Writers. Great advice!

Dasha K's Fanfiction (now an archive with links to others as well) Dasha is the BEST. "Nuff said!

Lydia Bower's stories.

The Elements of Phyle  GREAT advice for fic writers!

Primal Screamer's Fanfic Primer

The Gossamer Project  XF Fanfiction Archive

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