What's New???

January 19, 2006 ~ Completed the launch by adding all of the updated X Files pages, also in a new, unified format.

January 17, 2006 ~ The official launch of our new domain! X Files pages will be up in a day or two, but the Trek stories are all live and in a new, unified format.

Another update in less than a year! Woo! *laughs* I have added a link to the JetC40 fiction page, a silly little drabble or two that I wrote for a Live Journal challenge community, Trek100, and a link to a community that I run over at LJ, Trek Muse. I also added the stories I wrote for the JetC40 Valentine's Day Challenge and the April Fool's Day challenge, "After All These Years" and "It Takes Q To Tango". (4-5-04)

My goodness... I live and breathe! After three years of no updates, I have fixed a few things and added a link to a wonderful story.
"Mentors", written by Delta Story, was a gift for me. I am touched beyond belief! Thank you DS! *mwah*
You can find it on the J/C Adult fiction page. (7-28-03)

Please check out the link for Robert Beltran's charity auction! (8-3-00)

My story, "Protocol", has been trenslated into French! Follow the link.(8-3-00)

Added a link to my new story, "Selva". (5-19-00)

Completely revamped the site! (5-19-00)

Added a link to my new story, "Dancing In The Dark With A Stranger". (11-30-99)

Added a link to my new story, "The Bench". (10-26-99)

Added a link to my new story, "Mercy". (8-30-99)

Added a link to my first drabble, "The Gift". (8-30-99)

Added a link to my new story, "A Stretch of Mortal Time". (4-22-99)

Added a link to "Parchment and Moonlight", written in the winter of '95-'96 and never posted. (12-28-98)

YCD has moved her site around a bit, so I've updated the links to our co-authored stories. (4-17-98)

Added a link to my new story, "The Lucky Ones" (5/13/98)

Separated my site into Voyager and X-Files pages (7/11/98)

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