Drabble challenge from Trek100. The challenge theme was "Vulcan".

"Tricksy Vulcanses"
by Becca O.

"Janeway to engineering. B'Elanna -report to the briefing room at once." Tapping her commbadge once more, she summoned the senior officers, the Doctor and even Samantha Wildman, ship’s historian.

Once gathered, the briefing began. Facts were reported, questions were asked, solutions posed ... all well and good in theory, yet none seemed plausible.

"Captain, the best recourse seems to be simply removing him from the environment," Chakotay offered.

"Negative," B'Elanna disagreed. "It might cause more harm."

"If I just could see him," Samantha said, holding an ancient tome.

"Onscreen. Tuvok?"

"Curious. What," Tuvok asked, gazing intently at his suddenly oversized and suddenly hairy feet, "is a hobbit?"

~ The End ~
~ 12-02-03

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