Fanfiction by Becca O.

I first began writing fanfiction in March of 1995 soon after the premiere of
"Star Trek: Voyager" and quickly became known for my Janeway/Chakotay romances.

Following the premiere of the X-Files movie, I posted my very first "X-Files" story.
Over the past several years, my fiction has turned to other fandoms but ocasionally
I find myself writing a drabble or two for the Trek communities at Live Journal.
Those are included here as well.

The following pages contain each of those stories, and are all summarized
and rated for your convenience. Some are very clearly labeled NC-17 for adult content.
Please respect these guidelines and refrain from reading or downloading if you are under age.

My Star Trek: Voyager Fiction & Links

(updated 1-17-06)

My X-Files Fanfiction & Links

(updated 1-19-06)