All poured rain all day yesterday, flood warnings, etc. and I got bored. The VCR is broken, having eaten one of my kid's this is what I did to keep sane. Hope you enjoy it, if not, please don't tell me...I'm very sensitive. :-)

"SUMMER RAIN" by Becca O

Kathryn was having the loveliest dream. The gentle patter of a steady mountain rain washed through the trees. The droplets fell to earth, and raced in rivulets down the windows of the cabin. Firelight flickered in the late afternoon darkness, its scent weaving tantalizing fingers around the drowsy couple wrapped in a quilt on the overstuffed sofa. A chilly breeze stole its way through the room, causing Kathryn to shiver in her lover's arms.

Gentle hands pulled her close, covering the bare expanse of her shoulder with their warmth. Sighing contentedly, she snuggled her back up against his front, the stirrings of his awakening sex gently nudging her back. Burying his face in her hair, he nudged aside the silky strands with his nose, pressing soft kisses against her neck. Laughing softly, she shivered at the goosebumps rising on her flesh.

Scooting further into the soft quilt, she reached for his hands. Feathering light kisses over his fingertips, she pulled his arms around her. His massive hands reached for her breasts, cupping their warm weight in his palms, brushing his thumbs over their hardening peaks. Kathryn arched into his hands, her body aching for firmer contact. One softly furred leg eased its way between her own, as she shifted against him, feeling his erection pressing into the soft cleft of her backside.

Moaning softly, she rocked slowly against him as one hand smoothed down over her belly to tangle in the curls at her thighs. Stroking firmly, pressing his fingers to the center of her desire, her lover whispered soft words of encouragement in her ear, his breath ruffling the wisps of hair by his lips, his tongue tracing the shell-like contour of her ear. Her breath caught as she felt his fingers dip inside, spreading her own warm wetness over her, slick friction,*now*...

*Come for me, Kathryn...let it happen...*

The tension in her pelvis shattered as her body exploded around his hand. She cried out her joy as he entered her from behind and joined his body with hers. The pulsing fullness of him in her still-spasming body brought her quickly to a second joyous peak. Turning onto her stomach, she shifted to take him in more fully, as he held her body against his own. Thrusting hard into her welcoming warmth, he traced his mouth over her spine, one hand relentlessly stroking at her pelvis, his other wrapped around her chest for support.

Kathryn heard his breathing become more and more ragged as his thrusts became quicker and deeper. A spring deep within was winding tighter and tighter, threatening to snap, and then it did snap, their voices joining in a sob of release; she gripped him tight within herself as he spilled the flood of his passion into her. Tiny aftershocks held them in their grasp for long minutes afterward. Straining her neck to turn around, their lips met for the first time in a soft, grateful kiss. A kiss full of warmth, contentment and companionship. A gentle touch that held a promise of things to come.

Kathryn and her lover closed their eyes, hers soft and blue, his of deep chocolate brown, and drifted into the respite born of passions fulfilled, his dark tan arms holding her close, their bodies still joined.

The sound of steady breathing roused Kathryn from her dreams. Turning carefully, she gazed with adoration at the sleeping man beside her, one arm carelessly thrown over his forehead, obscuring the markings that so fascinated her. Quietly, gently, she pulled her grandmother's quilt over them and settled back against him to watch the stars streak past the window and dream of summer rains.



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