For Delta Story, who is always an inspiration!
Thanks to Susan Wright for the ship's name, used in "Badlands: Book Two of Two",
(c)Pocketbooks, 1999.

This vignette was inspired by "The Haunting of Deck Twelve" and takes place near the end of "Caretaker".
Many of us were amused by the fact that both Chakotay and Janeway admit to talking to their ships ... this is told from his ship's POV. As always, I don't own them. If I did, it would be a different universe!


by Becca O.

My name is Selva.

I am old, but not so much as my captain. I am wise, but my wisdom is synchronous with his.

They call him Chakotay. He is my master, to follow his lead is my mission.

For years we have traveled the galaxy together, his hands controlling my every move. His voice - oh, his voice - demanding my very best, cajoling more from me than I sometimes have to give.

He speaks to me. Many of his crew find this peculiar, most especially the female from the world they call Bajor, yet still, he speaks to me.

He murmurs encouragement to me as a lover would coax a response from his beloved. And I respond. How can I not?

He returned to me today, having been absent for days. How many days I will never know, for my sensors have been damaged beyond repair. There is urgency in his voice that is unfamiliar to me. The desperation that was has been replaced with renewed resolve.

And there is a new voice. A woman speaks with him, begs his assistance, and I am strangely ill at ease. I sense him drawing away from me, to where? To her side? It seems the inevitable conclusion.

The battle rages around us, I am sleek and swift. For this was I designed!

My captain speaks... "Set a collision course..."

My sensors detect the enemy ship looming closer ... closer ...

"...keep a lock on me ...

Closer still...

My captain beams away from me for the last time. My hull crumples against the onslaught of the enemy.

Goodbye, my friend.


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