This little piece of erotica was written as part of an e-list round robin in the winter of '95-'96. The premise was to Mary-Sue yourself into a "1001 Nights" type of story.

"Parchment and Moonlight"
by Becca O.

A muffled sound sent Chakotay spinning around. Seeing no one, he padded toward the door, his bare feet making nary a sound. He opened the door cautiously, and, seeing no one, turned again toward his rooms. A piece of parchment on the floor caught his eye, and he stooped to retrieve it. "The way to pleasure is through the garden wall. I'll be waiting." It was unsigned.

Debating the merits of dressing or remaining in his robe, he threw caution to the winds and chose the latter. The heavy gate opened to reveal lush greenery; vines and flowering plants covered every surface of the high stone walls. The sound of lightly running water drew him to the center of the gardens like a moth to a flame. There, in sensual array, was a young woman as stunning as her predecessor. Standing regally before him, she was clothed only in a diaphanous drape of deep royal blue, the sheer fabric covering everything yet concealing nothing. Clearly visible through the shimmering fabric were her high, full, rosy-tipped breasts; a slender waist that drew the eye downward to the soft curls that teasingly guarded the treasures beneath.

Holding out a slender hand in supplication, she finally spoke. "Welcome, Chakotay of Voyager," she whispered. "I am well pleased that you chose to honor my invitation. Tonight will be like no other you have ever experienced. Come. Relax and enjoy the pleasures that await you." As he moved toward her, she reached to the closure of her gown and released the hidden clasp, allowing the fabric to pool around her ankles.

Chakotay drew in a harsh breath as he felt himself harden beneath the folds of his robe. Not quite knowing how he came to be there, he found himself standing inches away from his hostess, close enough to feel her warm breath upon his neck. Her slender fingers released his belt and pushed the robe off his shoulders, assisting it past his waist and to the ground to join her own clothing there.

The young woman's warm hands rested on his hips as she unabashedly studied his body, looking him over from head to toe and coming to rest on his erection. "Oh yes," she sighed. "You were truly born to give a woman infinite pleasures." Gently she touched her fingers to the soft tip, catching the warm drop of moisture that appeared. Gazing intently into his dark eyes, she brought her index finger to her lips and spread the sweet-salty wetness over her lower lip, at the last pausing to touch her tongue lightly against that same finger.

Chakotay groaned softly, closing his eyes against the images before him.

She laughed, a wickedly gleeful sound that proved she knew exactly the effect she was having on his senses. "Poor Chakotay. It is wicked of me to tease you, no?" Taking his hand in hers, she pulled him to the ground atop their discarded clothing. As he reached for her, she laughed again. "No, no, my visitor. Not so soon. This night is for your pleasure. If I, too, receive pleasure, then that is to my advantage; but tonight your needs come first." From behind a small, fragrant plant, she retrieved a heavy jar. Removing the stopper, she poured the fragrant oil into her palms. Warming it in her fingers, she then touched her hands to Chakotay's shoulders. Wide sweeping caresses spread the oil over his skin until it glowed bronze in the moonlight. The slickness of her hands, the sensuousness of her touch relaxed him like no other ever had. Deeply kneading the muscles of his shoulders, she easily turned him onto his back with just a gentle push.

Adding more oil, she rubbed her hands over his smooth chest, her fingers lightly grazing his nipples. Pursing her lips, she blew gently on them, suppressing a giggle as they hardened. His hips shifted restlessly as his aching arousal pouted for attention. Unable to resist any longer, she dipped her fingers into a pot that contained a honey-like mixture. Without hesitation, she covered his penis with the shiny concoction, the smooth friction of her fingers causing him to throb in anticipation. Alternating hands, she stroked him firmly, his hips rising and falling in cadence with her rhythm. Faster, harder she squeezed, a light film of sweat breaking out beneath the slick coating of oils that covered his body.

Unable to restrain himself any longer, he erupted into her hands, his warm semen coating her fingers as she gently stroked him to completion.

When at last he could breathe in a normal fashion, he dared to look up into her face. Her eyes were heavy with desire, and her body flushed with arousal. Sitting up, he took her hands into his own.

"Now it's *your* turn."

"Only if you wish, Chakotay."

"I wish," he replied, dipping his fingers into the jar of oils.

The lovely young woman sighed as the earlier scene was replayed in a wonderful reversal of roles. Slippery fingers played against the tense muscles of her back, sliding around her to tease her taut nipples. Shivering beneath his touch, she was rewarded as his massive hands closed over her breasts, firmly kneading her flesh. Leaning her back against his chest, she stretched sinuously, arching further into his hands.

Chakotay buried his lips in the hollow of her neck as his hands slid downward over her thighs, never quite reaching their ultimate goal. She whimpered as his hands smoothly stroked her inner thighs, still evading the ultimate touch. Finally, after what seemed like forever, he gently touched one finger to the aching pulse of her desire. Crying out at the contact, she pushed herself forward into his hands.

No more. No more teasing. Chakotay spread his fingers through the curls between her legs and found no need for oils or honey. His touch had well-prepared her for him. Stroking firmly, spreading her wetness over her, he touched her again and again. Back and forth. In an around. Faster and faster. In an instant it was over. With a cry of delight, she clasped her thighs about his hand as she convulsed in ecstasy.

Turning her face toward his, he fastened his mouth on hers in a kiss as forceful as it was loving. Barely coming down from the precipice, he clasped her hips in his hands, lifted her away slightly and then settled her over his awakening arousal. Sinking down against him, she felt her abdomen contract as he filled her. The remnants of her climax still pulsing, she met him thrust for thrust as their passion built to a fever pitch. The sounds of lovemaking filled the night as Chakotay once more reached for her with his hands. Pressing a hand against the knot of flesh between her legs, he felt her stiffen and pulse around him.

That was all he could stand. The feel of her climax set his own in motion as he pushed deeply one more time and stayed, his semen flooding her warmth and mingling with the fragrances of the night. Collapsing against each other, they slept.

The moon was high in the sky when he awakened, alone but well-rested. Beside him was a parchment note.

(continued by other writers, in private e-mail)

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