Episode Epilogue to "Demon".

All characters and their DNA belong (somewhat) to Paramount, but they'd never have the nerve to write this,
much less film it. So I did it for them.

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"The Lucky Ones" by Becca O.

The Starship Voyager lifted gracefully through the heavens, observed with quiet curiosity by the newly-duplicated humanoids on the planet's surface. When the ship was faded from their sight, they turned, quizzically perusing each other. Their very existence had been defined by the ship's occupants, and to suddenly be alone, in this strange corporeal form, was unsettling. Just hours ago they had been mere base elements in their homeworld's substructure. Now they were faced with another existence entirely.

Hesitantly smiling, one by one they reached tentative hands toward their companions. Touch -- no, every sensation they were experiencing was new to them. Their memories were a strange yet wonderful fusion of those of the Voyager crew and the instincts of their own race.

Life as they had known it was no more. Their challenge now was to somehow adapt to the rigors of their new life; ascertain how to meet their immediate needs and, ultimately, define just what those needs were.

Familiar faces sought out friends and companions, striving for some semblance of normalcy in the utter confusion of the moment.

Hesitant greetings turned to joy as they reveled in the wondrous sensations that sentience afforded them.


It was many hours later and darkness was fast descending upon the demon planet. Two by two and in small groups they began to seek shelter for the coming night.


" 'Captain.' I think that is how you call me...."

"My memory tells me you are called 'Kathryn'. Is there some reason I should not speak to you this way?"

"I'm not sure... Commander ... Chakotay." The Kathryn clone sighed in confusion, her hand instinctively raising to her brow in a worried gesture.

"This is so odd. I feel ... close to you, yet I don't know why. The memories from our duplicates seem conflicted. I just know that this distance between us is wrong. There's an intimacy here, I know it, yet you shy from me." Chakotay reached for her, his hand briefly caressing the curve of her cheek.

The innocent touch sent a shock of sensations through them both. It seemed as though for an instant their thoughts and bodies were one. So telling was this moment that both recoiled in panic.

Touch. Such a strange sensation. It filled them both with a euphoria they'd never before experienced. Eager to recapture the feeling, they reached for each other once again. And once again it happened.

A broad smile lit their faces and they laughed. Their laughter was free and joyous, with a youthful exuberance never before shared between their Earthly counterparts. Falling into each other's arms, they embraced without hesitation.


Over the course of the next days, the planet's inhabitants spent their time exploring their world and setting up some semblance of "housekeeping".

Many paired off, seemingly affected by the memories of their counterparts, while others set off on their own for distant parts.

The atmospheric elements that proved nearly fatal to the Voyager crew simply enhanced their interaction with their environment.

On the third day, Chak and Kath (as they had begun calling themselves) sank wearily to the floor of their home. This day had been spent gathering wood. Chak fancied himself a builder, and fortunately retained Chakotay's eye for construction. Kath, ever the scientist, had been scrutinizing their surroundings, hoping to find better sources of nourishment.

The deep red sun had long ago passed beneath the horizon when she reached for Chak.

A hug was all she sought - a quiet affirmation that their day had been productive and well-spent - but this was not to be. The moment her arms encircled his neck, the atmosphere in the cave became electric. She grasped the magnitude of her action as he wrapped her in his arms, as if holding her for safe-keeping.

Hands caressed and touched, learning the way as they moved softly over the other's body. Quiet sighs turned to gasps of pleasure as Chak rained light kisses over Kath's face and throat, at last capturing her mouth under his own.

Each felt a strange fulfillment, as if a long-denied destiny had been attained at last.

Panting with exertion, they broke the kiss. Eyes dark with desire, they sank to the floor of the cave, embracing with abandon.

The sensations, oh gods, the sensations were exquisite. Each caress sent a tremor of rapture through their bodies as they began to make love for the very first time.

Slipping a hand into the bodice of her dress, Chak felt her nipple harden at his touch as he caught her gasp of surprise with his lips. Rubbing his thumb back and forth ever so slightly, he felt her twist beneath him as if searching for some elusive reward. Instinctively, he rocked his hips against hers.

Kath cried out at this new intimacy, her thighs opening to cradle his hips against her. His movements set her pulse to racing and her very heartbeat seemed to be centered just where their lower bodies met. She wanted - no, needed - him closer and sought to draw him in, but their clothing impeded her efforts.

"Please..." she said breathlessly, her fingers all the while trying in vain to separate him from his tunic.

"Kath, oh gods." A fine sheen of perspiration covered Chak's brow. As he rolled to one side, he insinuated his fingers beneath her skirt, unerringly finding the moist heart of her desire.

At the first touch of his hand, Kath's body was rocked with the force of her climax, her thighs imprisoning his fingers as she trembled against him.

Holding her close as the tremors subsided, he brushed her hair from her face, all the while whispering unintelligible endearments. Feeling her body relax, he leaned forward to press a gentle kiss to her lips.

Her body was limp as he pulled her upright, easily lifting her dress over her head and tossing it aside. "Oh, Kath, you're beautiful. I knew you would be." Unashamedly he explored her body with his eyes, feasting on her beauty before rising to his feet.

Slowly, purposefully, he stripped off his tunic, tossing it to the side to join her dress in a forgotten heap. His eyes never left hers as he unfastened his trousers and dropped them to the floor.

His erection stood boldly at attention in the firelight. Unable to resist the temptation, Kath rose to her knees, and, stretching out her hand, caressed him gently. Her innocent touch very nearly brought him to his knees. She felt him twitch beneath her hand as she closed her fingers about him

Chak moved against her hand as she stroked him, a glistening drop of moisture bubbling to the tip of his penis only to be smoothed away by Kath's thumb.

Dropping at last to his knees, Chak placed a moist kiss to the hollow of her throat, his tongue tracing mystical designs on her skin. His hands were never still for a moment. His strong fingers smoothed her hair aside and caressed her back, coming to rest on the soft swell of her bottom. Squeezing the flesh gently, he pulled her hips against him, his erection finding shelter in the tangle of curls at her thighs.

The lovers embraced, drawing strength each from the other, before stretching out by the fire. Rising above her, Chak leaned closer to take one breast in his mouth. Suckling gently, he swirled his tongue against her swollen flesh as she began to writhe beneath him. His hand paid equal attention to the other breast, as he rolled her nipple between thumb and forefinger.

Moaning with delight, Kath held him close. Each touch of his lips sent a shiver through her body and raised gooseflesh on her skin. The anticipation was sheer torture as she felt him kiss his way along her body, stopping only to nip gently at her navel.

Parting her thighs with his hands, Chak inhaled the tangy scent of her desire, kissing her hips, her belly and finally descending in the ultimate kiss.

Kath cried out as his lips and tongue gently teased the hooded flesh, her hips intuitively rotating against his mouth. She felt herself lifted away from the ground as Chak raised her to his mouth to taste her more deeply than she'd dreamed possible.

The wave began deep in the pit of her belly and rapidly spread through her torso. Shuddering in his arms, her thighs locked about his head as his continued ministrations sent wave after wave pleasure through her.

Lifting himself up and away, Chak fastened his lips to hers as his swollen member sought relief in the heated recesses of her body. He slid back and forth, his control almost gone. Pushing himself harder and faster, his eyes closed in joyous concentration and he felt himself falling ... falling ...

"Ohhhh..." He lost himself inside her, his seed filling her womb to overflowing. Holding her hips against his own, he felt her begin to pulse around him once more.

"Mmmm...." Kath lost herself in the moment, her orgasm milking every last drop from his sated flesh, her hands clutching at his back.


In unison, they sighed.

"What?" They each asked in chorus.

Laughing softly, they settled against one another, Kath's head pillowed on Chak's shoulder.

"I was thinking," she said.

"About them?"

"How did you know?"

"I've been thinking about them for a while now. We've taken a step that they have yet to take."

"Or may *never* take," she answered, frowning slightly. "Kathryn's sense of duty won't allow her this freedom."

"And Chakotay's loyalty will never permit him to breach that duty. Not as long as they are ranking officers." He hugged her more tightly against his side.

"Strange, isn't it?" she asked, raising up on one elbow to gaze into his eyes. "We possess all their knowledge, all their memories, and yet we can still find a way to be together like this."

"It's not strange at all." Chak paused, gathering his thoughts. "Here, we have no need of their *command structure,* their protocols. Here we just have need of each other."

"I think we're the lucky ones. I hope someday..."

"So do I, Kath. Maybe someday they will be fortunate enough to find what we've found."

Their lips met in a gentle kiss as, hundreds of light years away, the Starship Voyager and her crew streaked silently toward home.


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